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  • Laurel Brown

How much does a website cost?


The very first question most people ask us is "how much is my website going to cost" We get it. As a small business, cost matters.  Here is a snapshot of what it COULD cost you (note: all businesses are different - we charge according to the project, not a flat rate - but I want to be transparent with you guys, so take a look! Cost: typically around $1200⁣ - $1500 If you want to add e-commerce then add 250-500 depending on what is needed.⁣ This includes the entire site AND SEO set up.⁣ Additional costs: your domain *if you don’t have one * roughly $15 a YEAR⁣ Website hosting / plan: depending on the site we build on - anywhere between $15-25 a month.⁣ That’s it. ⁣ It’s not that scary when it’s broken down.⁣ And want to know what is even better?⁣ We understand if a small business can’t spend $1500 all at once. That why we offer Payment Plans. A website is a crucial part of your business if you want to be taken seriously in the online world. (Google is everything, my friends).⁣ It's time to build your website! REQUEST A QUOTE